Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Non Crafty Post

I have not been around much & that is because we have had a very rough couple of months at our house. My Grandmother died October 13 but she was 96 and was ready to go so as hard as it was we were all ready for it.

11 days after her death my Dad had a heart attack. He would be in & out of the hospital for the next 2 month.  He entered the hospital for the last time on Nov. 22, one day after his 64th birthday. He spent 3 weeks at the Heart Hospital, but eventually his heart could not take it & he died exactly 2 months after Grandmother on December 13. He was amazingly strong. He had to be shocked around 80 times in his 3 weeks in the hospital. Most were external but he did get an internal pacemaker/defibrillator placed 1 week before he died. He was so used to the shocks that at one point he started yelling CLEAR before the shock happened. The Doctors & Nurses, who were amazing by the way, were amazed that through all this he kept his sense of humor.  The Friday he died we were actually getting ready for him to go to rehab so he could get home.  We thought he had turned the corner.

My Dad & I were extremely close. He was my go to for everything. I will miss him greatly.

Now I guess it's time to get back to some crafting therapy. I am not really in the Christmas mood but I did get a couple of things done for the challenges at Jaded Blossom & SVG Cutting files before he died that I hope to get posted today!

This is my Dad, Papa to the kids, my Mom, my daughter & son on my son's 1st birthday last year.

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